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Hypnosis is enjoying mainstream popularity thanks to high profile individuals who have openly shared their success stories. My clientele includes healthcare professionals, business professionals, athletes, musicians, celebrities and everyday people.
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During the first few months at a new and stressful position as Pharmacy Clinical Manager, sessions with Harley not only kept me sane, but allowed me to excel under very stressful conditions. My own success has kept me referring patients, friends, and family to Harley for 15 years.
— David Hall, Doctor of Pharmacy
My first appointment was nearly 14 years ago while I was a nursing student. The sessions helped me cope with the everyday stress of school, and later with the worry of passing my state board exam. Over the years, Harley has helped me stop smoking, lose weight, and adopt a healthier lifestyle. I highly recommend him to anyone considering hypnosis.
— Julie Price, Registered Nurse
I decided to try hypnosis with Mr. Sears as an alternative to traditional talk therapy. While I was very anxious heading into the first session, I can truly say this has been the best treatment for addressing my life issues I have ever received. The image of a side show hypnotist has done this treatment method a disservice. Mr. Sears is a well trained professional, and well worth the expense.
— B.M., Licensed Clinical Social Worker
It's nice to work with a Consulting Hypnotist with genuineness and experience! Clients can feel comfortable with Harley, and I feel comfortable referring to him.
— Kim Winbery, Licensed Professional Counselor
Harley, how wonderful that I inspired your work. More and more people seem to be specialising in this area now. Maybe it's in response to the dire need nowadays for us to display compassion toward each other. Please take care and lots of good wishes to you in your great work.
— Sandie Shaw, Psychotherapist / Pop Icon
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Highly Recommended: I've done various types of therapy before but never for the specific GI problem I went to see Harley Sears about. He is friendly, reassuring, professional, and explained to me the scientific backing behind his methods. He not only led me through a very helpful and enjoyable guided hypnosis/relaxation but left me with a takeaway audio file to continue the practice at home. I have already scheduled my next appointment and have a lot of hope that this will provide a lasting solution!
— Yael A. (Verified)
Amazing: I started out cautiously optimistic about hypnosis, but hypnosis by Harley Sears has been so wonderful. I've been to two sessions now and he has helped me immensely with food anxiety and other general anxiety. I feel more relaxed than ever when I leave his office and I have the confidence and tools I need to continue to feel that way in day to day life. So thankful for this experience.
— A.G. (Verified)
Incredible Resource: Harley Sears has become an invaluable resource for me in managing stress and other difficult situations. I first went to Harley before a major surgery. I was having an incredibly difficult time managing my fear and my work with Harley allowed me to face the situation calmly and in total control. Since then, I have regularly scheduled sessions whenever I need to get back in balance. Harley is so wise and calming. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
— Jill P. (Verified)
Life Changing: Harley is the real deal. He is a brilliant counselor, and partners with you to develop a realistic plan to put your life on the path that you choose. The hypnosis portion of the session, for me, is like a guided deep meditation. I feel so positive and uplifted and ready to tackle the world when we are done. I recommend seeing him regularly to keep the momentum going. He is amazing!
— S.Z. (Verified)
Beyond Pleased: Harley Sears was recommended to me by a medical professional, and hypnosis was endorsed by my physician. I found Harley to be extremely professional and very adept! I went into treatment confident that I would benefit from it, and have been beyond pleased with my success. Harley gave me tools (in session, and that I could use at home) that were useful from the very first week. I'm so happy with how hypnosis has worked for me that I will pursue further treatment with him for other conditions.
— J.J. (Verified)
Featured In The Press
Sleep Tricks That Really Work: The 4-7-8 Breath: This technique, developed by Dr. Andrew Weil, is something Harley Sears, a Consulting Hypnotist teaches his clients when they are looking for ways to get to sleep. All it takes is three steps. First, breathe in deeply through your nose for four seconds. Then hold your breath for seven seconds. Then exhale through your mouth for eight seconds. Repeat this process four times. Why does it work? "This exercise allows the lungs to become fully charged with air, allowing more oxygen to be circulated throughout the body, which promotes a state of relaxation," says Sears. For maximum benefit, practice this technique twice a day.
Reader's Digest, Lisa Marie Conklin
Ways To Make Eating Healthy Easier: Being mindful means "paying attention, non-judgmentally, to the present moment," says Harley Sears, a Consulting Hypnotist. "This is the opposite of distracted or mindless eating, a behavior linked to overeating, stress and anxiety." He explained that eating mindfully by eliminating distractions at meal time can help you establish a more balanced and respectful relationship with food.
MSN News, Katie Rosenbrock
Stress-Relief Exercises That Will Calm Your Interview Anxiety: Most career experts will advise you to practice answering interview questions, but there's another kind of rehearsal that can prepare you in a different way -- the rehearsal that's all in your mind. "Research shows that experiencing success increases our confidence, even if that experience is imagined," says Harley Sears, a Consulting Hypnotist. To get into a mental rehearsal, Sears recommends that you make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and allow your muscles to relax. "See yourself as calm, focused and prepared -- confidently answering any questions throughout the interview. Allow yourself to feel strong, confident and proud while visualizing your successful interview."
Fast Company, Elana Lyn Gross
Breathing Exercises To Try When The News Is Giving You Anxiety: As Harley Sears, Consulting Hypnotist tells Bustle Magazine, "Heart-Focused Breathing is meant to balance your thoughts and emotions so you can quickly replace anxiety with feelings of ease. This exercise allows you to change your heart rhythm and calm your autonomic nervous system."
Bustle Magazine, Kristine Fellizar
We Asked Health Professionals To Tell Us What's The Best Fitness Tech Out There: Hypnotist Harley Sears recommends Stop, Breathe & Think: "This simple app guides people of all ages and backgrounds through meditations for mindfulness. During meditation, your breathing slows and deepens, heart rate drops, blood pressure decreases and muscles relax."
The Loop, Devon Scoble
To guarantee authenticity, I use a secure system to collect client reviews. Since I cannot edit reviews, I have no control over the language a client may use to describe their experience. While some clients may use medical or psychological language, I do not represent my services as a form of health care or psychotherapy.

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