The Magic In Metaphor: Empowering Children Through Healing Stories
by Harley Sears

About The Book

"The Magic In Metaphor" is a heartwarming collection of 25 tales designed to nurture emotional growth and resilience in young readers. Each story introduces endearing characters who navigate life's challenges, fostering fundamental values like courage, empathy, and understanding.

From Archie, the lovable puppy overcoming his first-day anxiety at Doggie Daycare, to Cally, the caterpillar bracing for her transformative journey into a butterfly, each narrative serves as a metaphor for real-life experiences, helping children navigate their own emotional landscapes.

Beyond the compelling narratives, this book provides a unique blend of therapeutic value, offering detailed insight into each story, suggested activities for children, and highlighted activities for parents, teachers, and counselors to engage with children.

"The Magic In Metaphor" is more than a collection of tales; it's a comprehensive guide that equips adults with the tools to foster emotional intelligence, personal growth, and emotional expression in children.

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My debut book, The Magic In Metaphor: Empowering Children Through Healing Stories has received critical praise. It was Amazon's #1 New Release in Child Psychology, made the Best Seller list in multiple categories, and is nominated for numerous literary awards.

The Golden Wizard Book Prize, Harley Sears, The Magic In Metaphor, Award-Winning Author

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"I'm very excited to hear about your new book." A lovely message from British actor Rohan Gotobed from Harry Potter.

"The Magic In Metaphor” was narrated by the talented voice actor Lauren Hodges. Available on Audible and iTunes.

Editorial Reviews
  • "I am a firm believer that children's literature has the power to change lives, and that's exactly what this magical read will do! It is a masterpiece!"
  • "His award-winning work shows a genuine concern for young people, and a talent for artful, indeed magical, composition."
  • "If there is one prevention or intervention book to have in every school, counselor’s office, or parent’s library, it should be The Magic In Metaphor by Harley Sears."
  • "A helpful resource that aims to foster children's emotional well-being and personal growth by mirroring real-life situations and providing tools to cope."
  • "A highly original and effective learning tool that is equally entertaining and educational."
  • "Each story makes a nice addition to a bedtime routine."
About The Author
Harley Sears is an award-winning author and accomplished hypnotherapist with 25 years of experience. His professional journey has included roles as a psychiatric technician at a pediatric hospital, a youth counselor at a home for boys, and a youth mentor for the Army National Guard. He currently operates a busy private practice in Leawood, Kansas.

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