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Offering private hypnotherapy video sessions to clients nationwide

As a nationally recognized hypnotherapist with 26 years of experience, I specialize in using hypnosis to guide clients toward better physical health and emotional wellness.
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$150 Per Visit

I offer affordable hypnotherapy ($150 for 1 hour) via live video to clients nationwide. For your convenience, I accept debit, credit, health savings, and flexible spending cards.

Calm Anxious Feelings
Improve Your Mood
Build Self-Esteem
Break Unhealthy Habits
Quit Smoking or Vaping
Stop or Reduce Alcohol
Weight Loss Support
Enhance Sleep Quality
Overcome Fears
Manage Chronic Pain
IBS Relief
Dealing with Grief

Featured Press

My work as an author and hypnotherapist has earned mentions in major national and international media, highlighting my contributions to the field of hypnotherapy.
Featured press about Harley Sears, including CBS News, NBC News, ABC News

How It Works

What People Say

I have helped thousands of clients across the country, from the glitz of Beverly Hills to the heartland of Kansas City and the bustle of New York City. Here's what they have to say:
  • Harley is everything you could want in a hypnotherapist; calm, attentive, caring, a great listener, has a good sense of humor, and is amazing at his craft.
    MK, Health Coach

  • I decided to try hypnosis with Harley as an alternative to talk therapy. I can truly say this has been the best service for addressing my life issues I have ever received.
    BM, Social Worker

Special Projects

I've expanded my creative reach with two notable projects: an award-winning children's book and a soothing music album designed to aid relaxation and sleep.

Beverly Hills | Kansas City | New York